The Anti-Vaccination Movement is Here

Why are people erring away from vaccinating their children at alarming rates – and how do we stop it? While personal beliefs are personal beliefs, it’s hard to say that the actions of one are not influencing many more in an overall negative fashion. Leveraging the clear scientific evidence that vaccinations benefit the masses, intensified education campaigns seem necessary starting  in prenatal classes. While such campaigns are known to beget success, worry still prevails. What happens if it doesn’t work? Bioethicist Caplan says that answer is “holding people legally responsible for the illnesses and related damage they cause by not having their children vaccinated.” To that I wonder how we would calculate the related damage and severity of impact. The impact of a classroom of kindergarteners getting chicken pox appears less severe than a few babies contracting whopping cough, which is often fatal for infants. But if we analyze that 25 parents now have to take a day or two or three off from work to care for their children, there are further economic implications that are difficult to measure. Holding a mother legally responsible for not vaccinating against chicken pox now becomes incredibly complex. Psychologically speaking though, people to respond to negative motivation so the odds may be in Caplan’s favor.