Baby, You Can Drive My Car

I’ve marveled at the idea of self-driving cars for quite some time, feeling like they were some futuristic way that would make lives easier. Imagine not having to sit in LA, NY, SF or [insert metropolitan area with moderate to awful traffic here] traffic on the way home to and from work. Productivity could increase as we could take meetings from our cars with little thought or worry. We wouldn’t have to worry about turning down a wrong side street or distracted drivers or getting pulled over for speeding. Life sounds pretty great, right?! As I thought about self-driving cars, I continuously was impressed at how Google was making yet something else easier and simpler for humans. There was one moment though when talking to my grandmother when my interest of self-driving cars exponentially piqued.

My grandmother, Irma or to most “Deedee”, is one of the most incredible people that I have ever come.  Just to give you a quick glimpse…she escaped and immigrated from Nazi Germany, graduated from high school in NY in just two years though she didn’t speak one lick of English when she started, and rose through the ranks at the NY Medical Society without a college degree. In short, she is a darned determined woman whose grit and unbelievable kindness never ceases to amaze me. Start a quick chat with her and you’ll hear an fascinating life story. But I digress…Over the past few years, she’s had a handful of strokes which has unfortunately left her unable to drive (she still kicks my butt in a long hike though). To hear her talk about how she wishes she had the independence to drive to the store or come visit my family, is heart wrenching. The idea of giving her back the independence that comes with transportation would be just utterly fantastic.

Fingers crossed that Google can bring this to the streets of Long Island soon enough!