There are two versions here, one that gives a look into me in 100 words and another that is a bit more long form. Either way, you’ll get a peak into my mind and life…


With a penchant for words and a desire to keep exploring, I find myself averaging 57 tabs open on my computer with a desk full of postcards. I am a traveler – on a map, on paper, and in my brain. Curiosity, psychology, gender equality, new media trends. Building and growing communities of change. My mind is at its best when driving interdisciplinary creation. Triple bottom-line businesses, typography, emotion driven prose. Art -David Hockney, Chuck Close, Peter Max – grammar, data analytics, education reform, justice.  A mutt of seemingly disparate interests, my passion is simple – to make the world more alive. 



A San Francisco transplant by way of New York and North Carolina, I am passionate about the intersection between design, entrepreneurship, & social justice.  I’ve long believed in the idea of creation through connection, aspiring to bridge barriers between individuals, ideas, and resources. Given the interconnectedness of the world combined with the data and the potential of humankind, barriers between idea and execution should not exist. I want to make this a reality.


Today, I’m over in Mountain View, CA exploring the combination of technology, education, and social entrepreneurship, through my role on the Google+ Community Partnerships Team at Google. In this role, I partner with influencers and organizations to build & foster communities of interest on Google+. Specifically, I provide opportunities for global citizens to have genuine interactions with thought leaders (ranging from President Obama to the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson to Nicholas Kristof) via Google’s open-access technology. I’ve recently worked on a number of cause oriented projects that merge non-profits, technology, and entertainment. These projects have made their ways around the interweb finding homes on Huffington Post, Mashable, GOOD, Advocate, and many more.


While at Carolina, I led programs that strengthened the social justice and entrepreneurship programs offered in the campus community. Hands down many of the most meaningful experiences I had at UNC were centered in the Campus Y, UNC’s Center for Social Justice & Innovation. As Co-President for 2 years, I led the successful launch of of a competitive small grants initiative, fostered evaluation and assessment norms, and established a newfound focus on streamlined, innovative communication. Additionally, I helped create the Global Gap Year Fellowship Programthe Bonner Leaders Program, and UNC’s Social Innovation Incubator. I also served as a three-year member and then, director of the Chancellor’s Student Innovation Team (CSIT), aiding the university in refining a long-term strategy for innovation.


I’ve always been one for experience design and event curation. As a child I would plan parties for my dolls and begin to organize my birthday parties for the next the moment the one for this year ended. To this day, I love planning experiences for people (not so much dolls any more), taking into consideration how they interact with each other, spaces, and technology.  I co-founded and co-curated TEDxUNC with this in mind. In 2012 and 2013, TEDxUNC brought together over 10 innovative thinkers to discuss their approaches to some of humanity’s fundamental concerns. The speakers’ creativity stemmed from linking resource networks, exploring across disciplines, transgressing cultural boundaries, and seeking simple, tangible solutions. I recently helped organized TEDxUNPlaza which took place at the United Nations in September 2013 and have served as a mentor for TEDxUMassAmherst & TEDxNCSSM.


When I wasn’t working on social justice and entrepreneurship pursuits, I could be found roaming the halls of the Gardner, completing a BA in Economics along with minors in Scientific Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at Kenan Flagler Business School. My passion for entrepreneurship and pursuit of the Minor in Entrepreneurship stems from my innate drive to be action and project oriented. Through the Minor in Entrepreneurship, I interned at a young beverage startup in Beijing during the summer of 2011. Though I had very little interest in the fresh juice business, I quickly gained a taste (no pun intended) of the entrepreneurial spirit in the burgeoning Chinese economic ecosystem. After my time in China and an internship with MassChallenge in Boston, I served as the Teaching Assistant for the Minor in Entrepreneurship for the 2012-2013, launching an honors first year seminar on lean startup methodology with Professor Buck Goldstein.


Though I have lived in California, North Carolina, China, and Massachusetts, ultimately my roots are strongly in Huntington, New York. My New York accent peeks out every now and then, and yes, I am a die-hard fan of the Yankees (& of course the Tar Heels). In my free time, I am a sucker for snowboarding, racquetball, and instrumental music, playing seven instruments. I have serious love for artichokes, sushi, and dirty chai lattes.


In my fourth grade yearbook, I wrote that my life goals were to go to UNC and play on the US Women’s National Soccer Team. As of now, it seems that only one of the two came to fruition!